Host your email on a cloud server with full collaboration. Sync your contacts, calendar and mail across all your devices. Share your calendar and contacts with your colleagues!

Don’t spend your resources, time and means to make sure your on-premise business email solution works. Outsource the most important business communication technology to experts who’ve been doing this since the beginning of the era of Hosted Exchange. Blu-Tec ICT’s Hosted Exchange 2019, with productivity-increasing benefits, VIP support and complete migration assistance, is our business email and collaboration solution.

Share your contacts, calendars, task lists and public folders. Archive all your emails for half the price of an onsite server. Daily backups are made of all your emails and folders. Cloud based virus and spam filters in place to protect you from most spammers out there. Easy auto configuration to setup your email accounts on any device.

Exchange Per Mailbox Pricing

Storage Space Online Archive Monthly Cost
1GB 1GB R 35.00
3GB 1GB R 89.00
5GB 2GB R 150.00
10GB 5GB R 225.00
15GB 10GB R 275.00
20GB 15GB R 300.00
25GB 20GB R 350.00
30GB 25GB R 400.00
50GB 50GB R 500.00
Virus & Spam filter – Daily Backups – Easy Auto Configuration
Discounts for large amounts of mailboxes
POP vs IMAP vs Exchange